I'm Andy Quach.

A few things about me:

  • Current role: Commercial Lead @ YouLend, an EQT-backed embedded lending platform that provides financing for merchants of the world’s largest digital companies including eBay and Shopify. Former manager at strategy consulting firm Oliver Wyman.
  • Current city: London, UK (for now!)
  • Career: Excited about the rise of open finance data and digital innovation to transform financial services across geographies
  • Motivations: Passionate about furthering social mobility and inclusion, both through my day job and my responsibilities outside of work as a governor & trustee
  • Hobbies: Love playing team sports (tag rugby, football), fitness (F45, spin class, yoga) and gaming (JRPGs).
Always open to chatting - drop me a line or set up a coffee chat.

My background.

Cambridge Economist

I studied at the University of Cambridge (King's College) where I studied economics and graduated with a first. On reflection, it has helped shaped to me hugely as a person, from the way I think about things to the way I articulate myself.

Strategy Consultant

Former manager at Oliver Wyman, a strategy consulting firm. I specialised in the Pricing, Sales and Marketing (PSM) practice in which I helped clients to grow their revenue - projects included a go-to-market strategy for a Online Travel Agency (OTA) and a commercial turnaround strategy for a major UK general insurer amongst many others.

British Vietnamese

I am half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese, with both parents migrating from Vietnam to the UK during the Sino-Vietnamese war in 1979. Although having a different background to others made me wary when I was young, I now think that I'm fortunate, in the sense that being raised in the UK has afforded me a lot of privileges and in the sense that it gives me a unique perspective on life.

My projects.

The Cambridge Guild (2016 - 2017)

Having recognised a gap in the student society landscape at Cambridge, I founded and built the Cambrige Guild, a society dedicated to helping students to kickstart their careers. The society grew far faster than I would have expected, becoming Cambridge's largest careers society with >£10k in sponsorship funds and >2000 new members in its first years. The society is alive and thriving even today.

School Governor at BVGS (2021 - Present)

As the only student to have been admitted to Cambridge in my year group at secondary school, I recognise the role that luck and serendipity has played in my life. To support social mobility in Birmingham, I have designed and piloted a programme to provide high-potential students with mock Oxbridge supervisions in advance of interviews. I now act on the board of the school.

OW London Social Committee (2020 - 2021)

Recognising the impact of lockdowns and social distancing on the office community, I volunteered to take the role as Chair of Oliver Wyman London's Social Committee. Acting in this role and with the buy-in from the London Office Lead, I expanded the remit of the committee to help connect the UK&I's wider colleague network. Flagship initiatives launched to date include virtual coffees, which have fostered 50+ new connections, and shared interest groups.

Vietnamese Family Partnership (2020 - Present)

I am the trustee for a charity that aims to unite and support the wider British Vietnamese community, the Vietnamese Family Partnership. Growing up with few other British-Vietnamse around me, I had long struggled with my own sense of identity. It was not until a solo trip to Vietnam in 2019 that I came to appreciate and find value in my Vietnamese heritage. Within VFP, I lead our fundraising efforts and am responsible for designing & executing our strategic roadmap.