Cambridge Economist

I studied at the University of Cambridge (King's College) where I studied economics and graduated with a first. On reflection, it has helped shaped to me hugely as a person, from the way I think about things to the way I articulate myself.

Strategy Consultant

I'm currently working at Oliver Wyman as a strategy consultant. This involves rigorous analysis, a fair amount of travelling and some interesting work. My recent projects include implementing the digital transformation of a leading British online business, conducting vendor due diligence on a litigation finance business and optimising the pricing for a major industrial distributor.

Busy living life

I try to make the most of my free time. The list of things I do during my weekend is always evolving but currently includes spin class, weightlifting, learning Vietnamese, learning to code, volunteering and working on side-projects such as MentorLab. Oh, and meeting friends when I have the time to!