The Cambridge Guild

Establishing and building Cambridge's largest careers society

In my final year of university, I recognised that Cambridge lacked a society solely dedicated to student careers and sought to rectify that by establishing the Cambridge Guild.

Through to meticulous planning, a well-thought launch strategy and a belief in the idea behind the society, the society experienced rapid membership growth in its first year as The Cambridge Guild – attracting over 2000 new members and attaining over £10,000 in sponsorship funds.

The Cambridge Guild joins forces with firms and professionals from a variety industries to host a wide range of events varying from speaker events featuring Thomas Flohr (CEO of VistaJet), Richard Reed (Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks) and Jordan Belfort to more intimate careers events such as Hackathons, “Consultancy & Cake” case study workshops and company hosted networking dinners. Since the  launch in 2016, the society has grown exponentially, by finding new ways to bring employers and students together.

Now, with over 4500 members, the society continues to build on our strong foundations by deepening relationships with existing partners, working with a broader range of partners and attracting global leaders to give inspirational talks.